Shackled City

Session 4

The Barrow of the Forgotten King- Part 1

The mercenaries of the Red Blades were again called upon to assist a town with a mystery. This time they were enlisted to assist the nearby hamlet of Kingsholm.

The Red Blades received word of a need for mercenaries to investigate a family that went missing followed by a missing pair of guards. To that end, the leadership fo the mercenary company turned to a trio of reliable agents; the half-elf paladin of Heironious, Pallus Redstone-Smith, the elf fighter Ethereal, and the dwarf cleric of Moradin, Fleghm Ironstorm, son of Emily. 

The leadership had already tapped Professor Caissius Cayward Cannith III to further investigate the newly discovered ruins of Jzadirune, and needed to find new members to help with Kingholm's contract.

To this end, they tapped newer members of the organization to assist; Billie Fiddlefingers, a half-elven bard renowned for her musical talent, Ling Ling Halfington, a halfling rogue trained to investigate in the dark corners of the world, and Pennii Gnomington, a gnome bard trained in the art of the penny whistle. 

After assembling the necessary manpower, the team was sent to the nearby town to meet with the town council that had requested the contract. There the group met with Ian Turbrand, owner of the Coronet and Cabbage Inn and member of the town council and Mia Deserna, Captain of the town guard. 

They were told that a family had gone to the town's mausoleum to intern the family grandfather. However, when they did not return by the next day, a pair of guards were sent to the graveyard to investigate. These guards also did not return. With a limited number of guards in the town, it was decided to bring in outside help.

Now knowing the need, the party was led to the graveyard by the inebriated guard captain, who would go no further than the main gate. 

They proceeded to the center of the graveyard, where the large white stone mausoleum where they discovered two bloody corpses on the front steps. It was then that the group noticed the wolves lurking nearby. While two of the creatures were average wolves, and easily dispatched. They found of the beasts much larger, more aggressive, and cursing at them in the goblin language. 

After dispatching the beasts, they continued into the tomb, seeing the dead bodies were in fact the missing guards, now beyond help. 

Inside the tomb they found themselves in a preparation vault. Here they found the remains of the missing mother and father, as well as other corpses wrapped and prepared for interring. As they began to move through the room, some of the corpses began to attack, followed shortly by skeleton archers rushing into the room. 

The heroes fought back, destroying the undead in short order, but not before one of the skeletons pierced Penni's lung with an ancient arrow. Fleghm rushed to her aid, restoring her to health before she bled out. 

As things quieted down, the group searched around, finding one fo the wall vaults had been hastily locked shut with metal pitons. They opened the vault to find the final missing member of the family, the young daughter. She had been locked in the vault by unknown assailants, and the heroes freed her to return to town. 

Determined to find who had killed and animated the family and guards, and who had been ransacking the wall vaults, the heroes decided to plunge deeper into the crypt. 

As they pushed forward, they discovered the tomb of a wizard and his wife. While searching through the spotless tomb, they were ambushed by small mechanical flying pixies, wielding needles dipped in poison. Mostly an annoyance, they were smashed into pieces and the group continued on. 

It was as they descended another staircase that the dwarf noticed a change in the stonework. No longer were they in the mausoleum of Kingsholm, they had entered an older structure that existed beneath it. 




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