Shackled City

Session 2

Life's Bazaar Part 2

The ragtag adventurers returned to the surface form their exploration of Jzadirune, with Starbrow, rat familiar of the illusionist and locksmith, Keygan.

The gnome was excited to see his friend returned unhurt, but his joy was immediately turned to terror when Ethereal let him know that his name was mentioned to the mimic that guarded the familiar.

Keygan gave the adventurers a reward, and set out to pack up and flee from his home, before the skulks from the ruins sought revenge upon him.

As he tried to flee, the skulks attacked, and the party fought back to save the gnome. In short order, the skulks lie dead. Keygan fled his home and the group returned their attention to the search for the missing orphans, somewhere far below.

Adventuring farther into the gnomish ruins, the party found more remnants of the people of Jzadirune. They discovered an odd illusion of a sleeping king, and a talking gnomish sculpture.

Feeling they were walking in circles, the group changed their exploration direction. They found an underground forest, seemingly grown from magic. Further exploring, they discovered a great dining hall and kitchen.

They were ambushed within the kitchen by a new enemy, a dark creeper of sorts (see post picture). Pallus was deeply injured by the sneaks, but the group managed to defeat their foes.

Further exploring the dining room area, they found a strange fountain room, containing a skulk corpse, wrapped in webs and suspended form the ceiling.

A trio of dog-sized spiders attacked the group, poisoning Ethereal. After finishing the pests off, the group decided they needed to rest, to recover from their injuries.

Still no sign of the children has been found, and no path to "below", as the mimic referred to it, has been discovered.



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